Last week, I was in need of a food processor. Mine was put out of action when my housemate broke the plastic cover. Everything else was in working order, but without the cover, it could not work.

I was ready to purchase a replacement when my mum told me she had one. It was old, but still operational, she said. Since she had no use for it, I took it from her.

The “food processor” was more of a mincing machine. It was a Moulinex, probably from the 1980s. When mum passed me the thing, the only regret she had was that it had turned yellow. “It was white. I should have taken better care of it.”

It was easy to use, no fiddly bits, intuitive, and most importantly, it works! Yes, it doesn’t look snazzy, it doesn’t scream “hey, I’m a modern appliance for the wannabe chefs”. But it works, and that is most important in my books.

~ Jaime


In the Workroom: Old tech works best?