A new year inspires new ideas, initiatives and action. It doesn’t have to, but it is a time of year when it seems most opportune and appropriate to do so. At the end of every year, The History Workroom sets aside some time to set goals and targets for the coming 12 months. One of our goals for 2017  is to share more about our work, why we do what we do and some of the issues we grapple with as part of our work.
We hope that through this, we can help people understand the nature of working with history, be it in museums, corporations, or communities. Perhaps it may help you in your own history and heritage projects, or just inspire you to fall in love with history, as we did!
So this is the plan for 2017: 52 weeks, 52 stories from THW
This is not an original idea. One of our clients, Beyond Social Services, a VWO that works with disadvantaged children and youth, has been sending out weekly stories of their work since 2001. That an organisation has managed to keep this up for so many years reflects their constancy and commitment. These simple updates send out the message that they are in this work for the long-run and their desire to involve the community in their work. These are attributes that THW aspires to, and so we have decided to take this leaf out of their book.

This is week 1, the start. Check back every week to see a new update on our latest thoughts and activities. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017!

In the Workroom: 2017