by Stephanie

Jaime posted a memory map of her childhood home last week. Here’s mine.

common003This is my hand-drawn map of my home in Commonwealth Crescent in the 1970s-1980s. It was a 3-room flat on the top floor (10th floor) of Block 108. It seemed that no one wanted the flat as many people had qualms about staying on the top floor at the time. They thought it would be extra hot as it was nearer the sun/roof. My father’s solution was to line the whole of our ceiling with styrofoam boards as an insulation. I never felt our flat was particularly warm.

There was no void deck in our block, and every floor had a common corridor. Most people left their doors open to allow the wind to flow through and cool down the flat. We were close to our neighbours, we said hello, exchanged festive food and helped each other out. My mother kept our house keys with our neighbour, and this neighbour also took my to the nearby kindergarten on my first day at school. The kind Malay lady on the 8th floor helped take care of my sister. It was a different time.

Another memory map