Today, the book, Singapore Childhood: Our Stories Then and Now, was launched at the National Library by former president S R Nathan.

The History Workroom’s Jaime Koh wrote the book for the Singapore Children’s Society as part of their 60th anniversary celebration. Stephanie Ho was the principal researcher.

This is the first book that documents the history of childhood in Singapore in the past 60 years. Based on archival materials, published articles, records and books, as well as personal interviews with many, this book sought to map out the lives of children through the ages, and the different issues that they face growing up.

We – Jaime and Stephanie – are proud to be part of the project. We are also very happy to see many people at the launch today, including Good Morning Yesterday‘s blogger, Lam Chun See.

(Left to Right) Stephanie Ho, principal researcher; Eng Yee Peng, author of Chinese version of the book; Jaime Koh, author of Singapore Childhood; and Morgan Chua, illustrator

There is a Chinese version of the book, penned by Eng Yee Peng.


Singapore Childhood: Our Stories Then and Now
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