The wet market is a unique feature in the Singapore social landscape. In the past decade or so, many of them have gone into the pages of history. Today, Channel News Asia reported that the National Heritage Board is undertaking a project to document wet markets in Singapore.

I grew up with a wet market in Eunos. It was not as famous as Tiong BAhru or Tek Kah, but it was the one I knew well. I still think about it fondly.

The old market was burned down in a fire several years ago. The newly rebuilt market was in another area nearby and some of the stall holders are still there. It’s more hygienic, and better ventilated. All for the better I guess. But it’s not the same.

I still miss the clacking noises of the chickens in the cages, the bargaining of the aunties, the wet and slippery floor, the butchers and fishmongers, fruiterers and clothes seller, all side by side.

Well, those were the days.

Wet markets
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