About Us

The History Workroom LLP was founded by two avid history-lovers who want to share their passion with the wider community.

We believe history has to be accessible and interesting as it is accurate. It’s not just about the who’s who and the when and what. As much as history is about meticulous research, it is also about stories; it is about piecing together fragments of dates, people, places and objects into comprehensible and meaningful stories for present and future generations.
At THW, we believe  everyone and everything has a story to tell. For us, the thrill is in the search, the satisfaction in seeing the fragments come together as a whole, adding to the tapestry of life.


The THW team

Dr Jaime Koh

Jaime holds a Phd in Cultural Studies from the National University of Singapore and a Masters of Letters from the University of Sydney. She is a former editor and journalist, and has written several books, and numerous essays and articles for regional publications on history, politics, and culture. She also teaches at a tertiary institute. She loves to collect all things old and vintage.

Dr Stephanie Ho

Stephanie holds a PhD in Public History from the University of Technology Sydney. She's written many children's books under the name "Ho Lee-Ling". Most of these stories are inspired from the people and events in Singapore's history. Stephanie is a former teacher and museum educator, and is passionate about teaching children the history of Singapore in a fun and interesting way.